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andean garden GmbH started in 2017 with the imports and exports of organic products. Located in Zürich, the heart of Europe, and with partners in strategic Latin countries produces and trades the best selected and high quality organic products from certified farms. Whenever you work with andean garden GmbH, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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About Us

We are a dynamic young Swiss company that has the vision to rough-up the traditional food trading business. Fair trade, organic production (GMO and allergen free), global standards and food safety, highest product quality combined with highest standards in service quality are our key parameters.

We work together with hundreds of farmers associated in Cooperatives, in the search of a sustainable and fair agriculture to co-create a better future.

We are committed to protect and to create greater value for both the people and the environment, for which our products carry the Max Havelaar/Fairtrade label. The most trusted label for fair trade today.