Our Products

We work together with hundreds of farmers associated in Cooperatives from the richest valleys in Colombia and Perú, in the search of a sustainable and fair agriculture to co-create a better future.

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Colombian Coffee

  • Toasted Coffee Beans 

  • Toasted Ground Coffee

Granola Yogurt

Granola Products

A Perfect blend of Cereal Flakes, Dried Fruits,
Healthy Nuts, Seed and Spices

  • Granola Blueberries

  • Granola Cocoa Nibs

  • Granola Golden Berries


Exotic Products

An exotic variety of SUPER FOOD

  • Almond

  • Cashew nuts

  • Quinoa

Food photography of chocolate on black and gray background_edited.jpg

Chocolate and more

100% Organic from the Colombian valleys

  • Chocolate Bar 

  • Cocoa Nibs

Coconut Drink

Beverage Products

100% Fruit Pulp from our Farmers Alliance

  • Coconut Drink

  • Coconut Lemonade

Our Services

We design

When it comes to special product design, exotic flavours and mixtures; our team of food-technology' engineers will carefully listen to you to satisfy your needs.

Juice in Glass Bottle

We pack

Frequently utilised by most of our customers, our flexibility in packaging has been essential to success on many occasions. You can count on us to deliver your product's desire presentation.

We deliver on time

We pride ourselves on our exceptional punctuality. You will get your products by air or sea cargo as soon as needed.


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