Fresh Mangos

We help you getting closer to the communities producing the best Exotic Fruits, Vegetables and Coffee farming in the riches Valleys from Perú and Colombia

Through us you get access to a large variety of no-GMO and organic Exotic Fruits, Vegetables, and Coffee from our exclusive partners 

We are committed to provide you with the best Organic production (Non-GMO and allergen free) quality products direct from the farms of our partners in Colombia and Perú, as well as, with the highest standards in customer service.

About Us

Girl Harvesting Vegetable

We are a dynamic young Swiss company that has the vision to rough-up the traditional food trading business. Organic production (GMO and allergen free), global standards and food safety, highest product quality combined with highest standards in service quality are our key parameters.

We and our partners work together with hundreds of farmers associated in Cooperatives from Colombia and Perú to guarantee a sustainable and fair agriculture, and create greater value for both the people and the environment.


Hand Holding a Plant

“Co-create a better world, where each of us, our rural communities and planet can flourish”

Core Values

1.     Integrity
2.     Respect
3.     Passion, courage & determination
4.     Commitment, dedication to help & serve
5.     Team work & family spirit
6.     Hunger to learn & grow

Corporate Social Responsibility

Everything we supply comes from nature herself, so we treat her with the greatest possible care and respect. To us, corporate social responsibility means doing business with maximum respect for people, the environment, nature and the communities in which we operate. This manifests itself in a great number of conscious choices, from the selection of farmers to ensuring our products are packed and shipped as sustainably as possible.

Happy Farmers

Expanding our potential

Our strategic partnership with Andes Roots from Colombia ensures our clients with a large variety of Exotic Fruits, Vegetables, and Coffee produced and harvested on the richest lands from the Colombian' Andes. Whenever you work with us, you can trust that you are in great hands.